February 24, 2020 6 min read

By Lydia Kibet

Social media is not new; it has been there for decades.  A couple of people can’t live without it. Basically, it has taken much of our lives than we can reckon. 

Social media has made it easy for entrepreneurs and like-minded persons to link-up and share information about their interests and enthusiasm. While many social media networks are popping up every day, there’s each platform to discuss different matters under one roof. 

With medical marijuana legalization, this has led to the rise of cannabis social media networks for influencers and cannabis consumers. Well, if you’re a cannabis enthusiast and would love to connect with fellow stoners, cannabis connoisseurs, and the cannabis community in general, there are thousands of social media networks and forums to join. 

With such forums, you can discuss and share information with like-minded folks without anyone judging you. While Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have their place, you cannot compare with niched platforms. Such social media networks and forums will insanely boost your well-being and spirit.

Most people are comfortable with forums because this is where they can exchange ideas and talk to one another freely. Forums are a hit since you get real-time solutions to your hurdles as opposed to just a banter. 

It also presents a perfect way to connect with industry connoisseurs, cannabis growers, and business owners. You can talk about anything from legalization, trending cannabis news, politics, and interact with some of your gem brands that are represented on these forums.

Therefore, whether you’re a marijuana connoisseur, a recreational or a casual user, you don’t have to worry; there is something for different folks. Cannabis social media networks are fantastic; in fact, if you’re looking to date a cannabis enthusiast, there are dating social networks that will meet your demands.

That being said, let’s dive in and explore the best 11 cannabis social media networks and forums worthy of joining.

The 11 Best Cannabis Social Media Networks

  1. CannaSOS
  2. MjLink
  3. 420Magazine
  4. Budhubz
  5. Highthere
  6. Grasscity Forum
  7. Weedlife
  8. Leafwire
  9. Weedable
  10. WeedCircles
  11. 420Singles

1. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a pretty huge social media network where cannabis lovers connect and interact with their peers and like-minded individuals. This is one of the best platforms with 328,000+ members.

This platform is perfect for those people looking to mingle, build connections, and share marijuana-related information. With thousands of cannabis strain reviews featured, you’ll bag all the information you require for your favorite strains.

Besides, there are a ton of groups you can join and get real-time answers to your queries from industry experts, growers, and suppliers. Thanks to CannaSOS, where you can connect with thousands of ‘420-related’ businesses globally.

2. MjLink

MjLink is the largest social network in the cannabis industry, globally. With 1.5M+ active monthly users, it serves a vast marijuana-centric audience world-wide. Besides, it has sister social networks such asweedlife.com, thus attracting 50M+ monthly page views.

This platform allows you to connect with thousands of international cannabis and hemp users, professionals, and brands that make up the cannabis community. 

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur MjLink is one of the greatest to network with a wide range of growers, marketers, manufacturers, cannabis sellers, and much more.

Amazingly, with the newly launched MjLink events, which connects business professionals and consumers one-on-one at investor conferences and business trade-shows.

3. 420 Magazine

420 Magazine is the most extensive media magazine based in Hollywood, California.  It currently serves over 100K+ daily visitors, 250K+ registered members and 1.5M+ followers on social networking channels.

While this is a magazine site, there’s a forum where you can connect with cannabis professionals. Furthermore, you can join in discussions, read product reviews, get a complete cannabis education with facts and information, watch and listen to 420 bands, watch cannabis-related videos, and much more.

With 420 Magazine, you’ll find a huge section of medical marijuana threads to follow and join the discussions going on over there.

4. Budhubz

BudHubz is centred around a location-based map where cannabis connoisseurs from around the globe come together and share the best components of cannabis culture.

This platform makes it great for ‘buddies’ to find recreational and medicinal dispensaries, accommodations, and doctors. Joining the platform is quite easy and free. All you need to do is sign up, connect with buddies, and get recommendations of the best cannabis shops in no time.

The only drawback of BudHubz at the moment is that it has not been fully rolled out yet. However, once it goes live, it will be one of the most exceptional cannabis social media networks online.

5. Highthere

High There is one of the most popular cannabis social media networks with a free high there app. It’s known to be a dating site with fantastic relationship success stories shared through videos on their website. 

Basically, it works like Tinder, where you view pictures and swipe right or left and connect with folks you’d love to hang out with.

This social network is for anyone looking to explore the world of cannabis and have a feel of the new era in the company of like-minded enthusiasts, ninjas, and friends.

6. Grasscity Forum

The Grasscity forum is one of the oldest social media networks online. The platform was launched in 2000 and now claims over 650K+, over 20 million posts, and over 2 million impressions per month.

Initially, it began as an online marijuana forum for marijuana growers, but it has expanded exponentially into a pretty colossal marijuana social forum online. Right now, you’ll find everything that cannabis enthusiasts would love to talk about from legalization, growing marijuana, consumption methods, and trending cannabis news.

Besides, you’ll find local dispensaries listed on the forum. You’re never going to miss out on anything in the Grasscity forum. With the threads to “tokin tools,” it’s a perfect platform to join.

Grasscity forum is a lively platform where like-minded persons come together to share ideas and information.

7. Weedlife

Weedlife is a swiftly growing cannabis social media network. The platform is primarily providing information about weed, where consumers and entrepreneurs connect and discuss everything related to marijuana.

Thanks to weedlife, which has a pretty easy to use website with mobile apps for both iPhones and androids. It features marijuana videos, business ideas, products, and weed growing information.

The platform allows cannabis business owners to create their profiles where individuals can post content and interact with them. Moreover, you’ll find dispensaries listed on their map.

8. Leafwire

This is a relatively new social media network primarily meant for business enthusiasts and investors. If you’re planning to start cannabis and perhaps need funding, this is the perfect platform for you.

The site is purely for professionals in the cannabis industry looking to connect online. It is a platform that has been created with the entrepreneur and investor in mind.

Leafwire is a fantastic social media network for any entrepreneur seeking to be part of the industry. As a matter of fact, for those who have experience in the cannabis industry might even land their dream job via the platform.

9. Weedable

Weedable is a social network specifically designed for people who are passionate about cannabis. The platform is pretty easy to use and connect with others. You can do anything from following your favorite brands to interacting with others and buying your gem product.

The most fantastic thing about this platform is that it has a Weedable Live, which allows you to easily explore the right products as well as THC and CBD levels across all kinds of marijuana products.

With a decent looking profile, you’ll talk to audiences or your followers in no time.

10. WeedCircles

WeedCircles is a cannabis business social network that is totally free to sign up. It is an excellent platform for marijuana lovers, vendors, and customers who are all in the cannabis industry. This makes a perfect marketplace to get great weed deals.

If you own a cannabis business or plan to start one, weedCircles is the ideal cannabis social media network to join.

11. 420singles

While cannabis-friendly apps are gaining traction,420singles.com being one of them, is a thrilling moment for marijuana lovers to connect globally. Well, if you fancy dating stoners and smokers like you, then this dating app is pretty perfect for you.

Just like Tinder, you swipe right or left and match with the people you’d love to hang out with, depending on your choice. The app is free, and you can find it on Google play store or app store and link up with cannabis lovers near you.

Here are other sites and apps you should check out:

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and more cannabis social media networks and forums are popping up too. With our list, we hope it will help you decide to join a platform of your preference.

While most platforms require necessary information to sign up, it’s vital to keep in mind whether your data is protected. Hopefully, you’re going to get the most out of these social media networks.  

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