December 14, 2020 8 min read

By Lydia Kibet

The rise in demand for grow tents is a reflection of the overall revolution in the agricultural sector.

Growers are moving from the conventional methods of farming into sophisticated modern farming.

You don't need to keep on spraying chemicals to keep away pests or count losses in case of uncertainty. The demand has also led to a surge in the number of grow tent manufacturers in the market. 

Like any other products, grow tents are subject to wear and tear.

The most vulnerable parts in the grow tents are the poles and hooks. Novice growers might struggle to locate the best replacement grow tent poles, which often forces them to go back to traditional growing.

This article will review the top five replacement tent poles in the market today.

However, before we get to that, let us look at the benefits of replacing grow tent poles. 

Why should you replace grow tent poles?

Replacing grow tent poles is a vital role that helps growers optimize their grow tents.

One of the frequently asked questions is on the importance of changing grow tent parts, especially the poles. Here are the reasons why you should replace your tent poles regularly:

Precautionary measure: Replacing grow tent poles should be carried out as a precautionary measure. When you replace the grow tent poles, you ensure that your grow tent remains intact if a calamity strikes. For instance, grow tents with new poles have less risk of collapsing in case of strong wind or heavy snowfall.

Keeps the plants: As poles age, they start cracking. In the process, some parts might disintegrate into the plants, endangering their growth and overall productivity. It is therefore advisable to change poles anytime they manifest signs of aging. 

The 5 Best Grow Tent Replacement Poles

  1. Gorilla grow tent indoor grow room cfm kit.
  2. Gorilla grow tent grow room gear board - 22mm.
  3. Gorilla lite line indoor grow tent high cfm kit.
  4. VIVOSUN Grow Tent Support Pole, Hanging Bar
  5. GROWNEER 3 Packs 48 Inches Grow Tent Support Poles Hanging Bar, Net and Hooks

1. Gorilla grow tent indoor grow room cfm kit

TheGorilla grow tent indoor grow room cfm kit is designed to ensure that your indoor plants attain optimal production capacity. Whether your grow tent is on the verge of collapsing due to squeaky or aging poles or the poles' base is weak, this is the ideal solution for you.

According to the kit's specifications, the high cubic feet per minute (CFM) prevents the grow tent from collapsing due to high amounts of negative pressure. The replacement poles are not only strong but also convenient to use.

The poles in this kit are equipped with the right stagnant air exhausting and heat. The poles are created to withstand the high CFM, which might create high levels of negative high pressure, causing the canvas to cave in.

A caved canvas equals a smaller grow space and must be contained immediately, and that is where the Gorilla Grow Tent High-CFM Kit comes in. 

The kit is fitted with incredible features to fit into your Gorilla Grow Tent with ease. Besides, this kit's poles are easy to install, making them user-friendly, even for novice users.

The Gorilla replacement poles in this CFM kit are made from the original sturdy steel, unlike other replacement poles made from soft metals or plastic. They are also equipped with high-density and custom-molded plastic clips to keep the joints tight and intact.

There are different kits under this category that growers can use:

3x3 (4 Poles) 

4x4 (4 Poles) 

2x2.5 (4 Poles)

2x4 (4 Poles) 

5x9 (6 Poles) 

8x8 (8 Poles) 

5x5 (4 Poles) 

4x8 (6 Poles) 

8x16 (12 Poles)

10x20 (12 Poles) 

9x9 (8 Poles)

10x10 (8 Poles) 

The kits above are customized to fit in different tents from the Gorilla brand. Instead of trial and error, why not settle for the best? You can buy the poles individually or as a whole kit.

2. Gorilla grow tent grow room gear board - 22mm.

TheGorilla grow tent grow room gear board - 22mm is a sophisticated kit tailored to cater for up to 8 LIGHT LINE tents. These grow tents have a base measurement of 4x8, 5x5, 5x9, 8x8, 8x16, 9x9, 10x10, 10x20. 

With the grow room gear board, you are assured that the safety of your plants is absolute.

The gear board is highly developed to ensure that all the tent measurements fit easily. The manufacturers designed the board in such a way that it can remove any item on the floor to maximize space.

Other features in this board include oscillating fans, meters, and monitors for the new poles.

The board also has a 1' extension pole that you can use to elevate your grow tent's height. The poles in this grow room gear board are made from sturdy steel, just like the original poles.

3. Gorilla lite line indoor grow tent high cfm kit

Gorilla lite line indoor grow tent high cfm kit is the ultimate choice for the replacement of poles.

This kit is made with the grow tent owner in mind to increase the overall productivity.

Should the poor state of the grow tent canvas worry you? It should, but then it should not pronounce doom, given the sophisticated nature of replacement poles. This kit has high cubic feet per minute (CFM), whose primary function is to minimize suction of grow tent walls due to the high negative pressure in exhaust systems. The design of the poles ensures that the canvas doe not cave in, hence high productivity.

Although having stagnant air exhausting and proper heat are vital in a grow tent, they should be mitigated to minimize the risk of damage. If not mitigated, the exhaust fans in the grow tent might skyrocket negative air pressure, causing the canvas to cave in. The Gorilla Lite Line poles are developed using state-of-the-art design to keep it simple and easy to install. Even novice growers can change the poles with minimal assistance within a short period.

Another thing to note is that the poles in this kit are made from sturdy steel. The metallic bars' extra features include high-density, custom-molded plastic clips for locking the poles in place.

Here are the most common kits under this category:

  • 2x2.5 (4 Poles) 
  • 2x4 (4 Poles) 
  • 4x4 (4 Poles) 
  • 4x8 (6 Poles) 
  • 8x8 (6 Poles) 

You can choose one kit from the five above to serve your needs. 

4. VIVOSUN Grow Tent Support Pole, Hanging Bar

The most common features in this support pole include zinc plating, which makes it rust-proof. Vivosun prefers zinc due to its rust-resistance and sturdy nature. 

The Vivosun Support Pole is among the many products of the mighty Vivosun, a synonymous brand with top-notch quality products. The Support Pole is among the most reliable that you can get in the market today.

You can get the Vivosun replacement poles in two sizes: 4×2 and 4×4. Each variant is designed to accommodate the different sizes of grow tents in the market today. 

Regardless of their height, each of these poles measures 0.8mm in width. The zinc coating makes these poles resistant to rusting, a common phenomenon in grow tent poles. Another thing to note is that the poles can hold up to 88 pounds of weight.

It also means that you can comfortably hang grow lights on the poles without worrying about the whole structure crumbling due to pressure. After fixing the poles, you can also add fans and filters to support even with minimal experience.

5. GROWNEER 3 Packs 48 Inches Grow Tent Support Poles Hanging Bar, Net and Hooks

The Growneer brand has established itself as one of the best providers of grow tents.

Additionally, the company provides spare parts, including the 3 Packs kit. The 3 Packs kit comprises of a net trellis and three poles, measuring 48". The design of these poles makes them ideal for a 4×2 or 4×4 grow tent. The thickness of each pole is approximately 0.8mm, while the diameter is 16mm. These measurements contribute significantly to the robust features in the pole.  

Growneer 3 packs grow tent support poles feature the following:

Elastic trellis and steel hooks: This kit contains an elastic trellis net. The net is durable, and you can adjust it for optimal support, unlike other replacement poles.  

Steel pole and plastic coating: The poles are made using steel and have plastic clippings to keep them strong. The design of the poles allows them to replace the damaged ones easily.     

Things to consider when looking for the best replacement grow tent poles

Choosing replacement grows tent poles is not as easy as many people put it. The process requires a deep understanding of different brands and attention to detail. When looking for replacement grow tent poles, you should look at the following:


When buying a grow tent, you should ask yourself if the replacement poles are readily available in case of a breakdown. You should find out where you can replace the poles easily.

Please note that new brands in the market might struggle to supply their spare parts. In other cases, the replacement poles might be absent in online stores, making it hard for buyers to get them on time.

The best replacement poles are the ones you can place an order for and have them delivered to you in a short duration.  


Can the replacement pole withstand extreme conditions, including massive weight from grow lights? Can the pole withstand corrosion for a long time?

If you answer these questions in the affirmative, that is the ideal replacement pole for you.

The pole should be able to support plants throughout their cycle. The connectors' design of these poles should be strong enough to keep all the parts of the tent together.

The materials used in the poles should be rust-resistant and strong. Zinc-coated poles are ideal for the short-term since they fade with time. On the other hand, steel poles do not rust at all and therefore are the most ideal for replacements. 


In most cases, people emphasize designing the replacement pole and overlooking their cost. In some cases, the buyers end up paying more than what the market offers. Some of the things to look for when it comes to price include the installation cost, initial cost, and return to investment. 


Different brands manufacture replacement grow tent poles of various sizes. When looking for a replacement pole, it is advisable to assess the poles' size being replaced.

Buying too small or too big replacement poles is a loss and leads to inconvenience. Each brand uses unique measurements for it grow tents. Therefore, growers should only buy the replacement poles for matching grow tents for convenience.


We cannot cover everything to do with replacement poles, given the high number of market entrants.

However, here are some golden pointers to help you settle for the best grow tent replacement poles.

First, always check the brand of your grow tent, then buy the corresponding replacement pole.

Second, carry out a background check on the seller's credibility through referrals or independent online reviews. Third, give a shot to the five replacement poles discussed above. These poles are from the biggest brands in the market and are the exemplification of excellent service delivery. 

Once you have established the ideal poles for you, go for it. You cannot get a 100% perfect replacement pole, but you can get the one that fulfills most of your requirements.

Once you identify an ideal replacement pole and a reliable seller, go for it. It is time to keep our grow tents strong again, regardless of the hurdles. 

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