July 09, 2020 6 min read

By George Mouratidis

Even if you’re up-to-date on the latest nutritional supplements, there’s a chance you might’ve missed Micro Plant Powder. No, this isn’t another “superfood blend” with crazy amounts of kale. Instead, Micro Plant Powder is composed of super-small plant particles found in mineral-rich freshwater.

Why should you be interested in Micro Plant Powder? Well, if anecdotal reviews are to be believed, these potent particles can certainly pack a punch! Thanks to high traces of silica, Micro Plant Powder might help prevent diseases, boost energy, and improve collagen production. Many customers also claim Micro Plant Powder might help with detoxification and digestive health.

Do you want to learn more about why so many people are trying Micro Plant Powder? If so, please keep reading all this valuable info we’ve put together.

What Is Micro Plant Powder?

Simply put, Micro Plant Powder is a collection of tiny plant particles found on the bottom of freshwater riverbeds. These single-celled particles are so small that you need a microscope to see them—hence the name “micro.”

However, just because these plant particles are puny doesn’t mean they’re weak. Indeed, the reason micro plant molecules are only found on the bottom of riverbeds is that they’re incredibly dense. Amazingly, the outer casings around Micro Plant Powder particles are almost as durable as “every girl’s best friend” (i.e., diamonds). These tough outer shells serve many functions, including as a natural source of fiber.

But this supplement is far from glorified psyllium husk. Remember, these mighty molecules have been sitting in freshwater sources for many years. Over decades, Micro Plant Powder picks up traces of many beneficial minerals found in riverbeds.

The most significant compound found in Micro Plant Powder is silica, which we’ll detail below. There are many other healthy minerals in Micro Plant Powder, including iron oxide, magnesium oxide, and potassium oxide.

On top of all these features, it’s important to note that Micro Plant Powder is naturally alkaline and negatively charged. Both of these traits are highly prized in the natural healing space because they’re said to promote detoxification. Interestingly, many diseases carry positive ions, which means a strong negative charge might pull pathogens out of the body. For more on why an alkaline pH is such a big deal, please keep reading.

What Is Silica And What Could It Do For Me?

Since silica plays a starring role in Micro Plant Powder, you’re probably wondering what it is and why you’d want to eat it. Scientifically speaking, silica refers to the compound silicon dioxide, and it’s one of the most common minerals on the earth’s crust. Although inhaling silica might hurt respiratory health, eating silica seems to have a profoundly positive effect on the body.

Interestingly, silica appears to be a significant precursor to the connective tissue collagen. If you’re into the latest health trends, you’ve probably already heard of collagen due to the bone broth craze. As a connective tissue, collagen plays a crucial role in promoting healthy joints and skin. Plus, there’s emerging evidence that collagen might help manage leaky gut syndrome.

Since silica is the building block for collagen, it makes sense that people who eat more silica experience similar benefits. Indeed, there’s now research from the University of Wisconsin that suggests silica deprivation might trigger collagen formation issues. Rats who weren’t fed silica had more bone and joint problems compared with those who ate silica. 

But it’s not just about collagen formation that’s getting scientists psyched about silica. Preliminary research from France suggests people who drink water with high traces of silica might have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Although this research is only in its beginning stages, it suggests there’s a great deal we don’t know about silica’s positive potential.

The easiest way you could boost your silica intake is to add Micro Plant Powder to your daily routine. Remember that each bottle of this powder contains almost 90 percent pure silica. Once you take your dose of Micro Plant Powder, your body will instantly put that silica to good use. 

In addition to our Micro Plant Powder, you might also want to consider drinking mineral-rich water with high traces of silica. You could also try the celery juice trend now sweeping the Internet. Root veggies like celery have some of nature’s most abundant sources of silica.

Why Should I Worry About Alkalization?

Another purported benefit of Micro Plant Powder is that it helps alkalize the body. So, you’re probably wondering what the heck “alkalize” means.

To better understand “alkalization,” we must talk about pH. As you might remember from high school chemistry, the pH scale measures the acidic or basic qualities of a substance. This scale goes from extremely acidic at zero (e.g., battery acid) to highly alkaline at 14 (e.g., bleach). The neutral zone on every pH scale is set at 7.

Unfortunately, many of the processed foods in our modern diet are highly acidic. Plus, people who are plagued with constant stress might be unwittingly exacerbating their acidic state.

A healthy blood pH should be slightly alkaline (between 7.35 - 7.45). Considering our bodies are bombarded with acidic compounds today, it makes sense to lean on the alkaline side. The easiest ways to increase alkalinity is to practice stress-reduction techniques, exercise regularly, and eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

Of course, you could also boost your body’s alkalinity by taking a daily dose of Micro Plant Powder. Remember, Micro Plant Powder has an average pH of 8, which could promote a healthy alkaline environment in your body.

How Do You Take Micro Plant Powder?

The easiest way to take Micro Plant Powder is to place your daily recommended dose in a glass of purified water. After the powder dissolves, drink all of the water. It’s that simple.

Of course, you could also add our Micro Plant Powder to your favorite all-natural fruit or veggie juices. There are also a few people who enjoy mixing their Micro Plant Powder into a morning smoothie.

What Does Micro Plant Powder Taste Like?

Although Micro Plant Powder is derived from plant compounds, it doesn’t have a “seaweed” taste. In fact, most people who take Micro Plant Powder say it’s tasteless. The only feature that might take some getting used to is the powder’s texture. When it’s not fully dissolved, Micro Plant Powder could have a somewhat gritty feel.

To eliminate this mildly unpleasant sensation, we always recommend thoroughly dissolving your Micro Plant Powder before you drink it. You could also mix your Micro Plant Powder into flavored juices or smoothies to hide the texture. 

How Much Micro Plant Powder Should You Take Per Day?

There’s no standard dose for Micro Plant Powder, but new users should start with no more than one tablespoon per day. Be sure to track your progress on this dosage for a few days before adding any more powder to your routine. Typically, the maximum dosage of Micro Plant Powder is three tablespoons per day.

Are There Any Precautions When Taking Micro Plant Powder?

To date, there have been no severe side effects reported after taking Micro Plant Powder. However, since this product often has a substantial impact on digestion, you might notice your metabolism ramp up. 

Many customers say they experience a significant increase in trips to the loo…and we’re not just talking about number two! Some people claim Micro Plant Powder acts as a mild diuretic and might help cleanse the kidneys. Please make sure you’re drinking plenty of purified water while taking Micro Plant Powder.

See If Micro Plant Powder Could Help You

Micro Plant Powder is one of the most exciting supplements to emerge in the ever-expanding health & wellness space. With its high traces of silica, alkaline pH, and strong negative charge, Micro Plant Powder has many interesting traits that might supercharge your health. If you’re not getting results with “super greens” powders, we encourage you to give Micro Plant Powder a try. We bet you’ll be surprised how different you feel after a few days!

Please keep in mind, the FDA has not evaluated any of the health statements made on this website. Micro Plant Powder isn’t intended to cure, prevent, or diagnose illness. It’s a good idea to speak with your doctor before adding Micro Plant Powder to your diet.

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