December 10, 2020 8 min read

By Lydia Kibet

What comes to your mind when you hear about grow tents?

Most probably, you think of indoor growing, thanks to the hype surrounding the practice.

Sadly, few growers give attention to outdoor grow tents, yet their benefits are equally outstanding. The few articles on the internet provide inadequate information on outdoor grow tents, making them unreliable.

After in-depth research, we have compiled a list of the best outdoor grow tents in the market today.

The article will cover the difference between indoor and outdoor growing, factors that determine outdoor growing, the most common grow tents, a buyer's guide to outdoor grow tents, and FAQs. 

Comparison between indoor and outdoor growing

Indoor growing involves improvising growing conditions by adjusting the lighting, humidity, temperature, water, and nutrients to increase productivity and prevent diseases.

The whole process of indoor growing is expensive and, in some cases, requires expertise.

Outdoor growing is the oldest and most common method of growing marijuana and other plants. Despite its popularity, it is the most difficult to carry out. Plants in an outdoor setup are left to battle extreme weather conditions and pathogens, which is not the case with indoor growing.

However, outdoor growing inhibits the alteration of the chemical compounds due to chemicals. Plants that grow outdoor enjoy the benefits of direct sunlight. 

What does outdoor growing entail?

There are two major determinants of outdoor weed growing:

Good weather:Marijuana experts recommend starting the cultivation process during summer when there is adequate sunlight for the vegetative period. After summer, the monsoon season sets in, supplying the weed with enough naturally-filled water. The winter period allows the weed to start flowering. 

Adequate nutrients: Growing weed outdoor means that the plants have to use many nutrients to fight extreme weather conditions, pests, and diseases.

Therefore, you should ensure that the environment in which your plants grow has adequate nutrients. You can use foliar or add fertilizers to the soil to increase productivity. However, the nutrients supplements should be used in moderation to avoid destroying the weed's natural flavor.

Before we review the best outdoor grow tents, let us look at the major features that define outdoor grow tents:

  • First, an outdoor grow tent can be transparent or translucent to allow light penetration.
  • Second, outdoor grow tents are made using strong canvas to protect the plants inside the plants from physical harm or attack by pests.

The Best 6 Outdoor Grow Tents in 2021

Let's now get into the top six outdoor grow tents.

1. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Outdoor Grow Tent

The Home-Complete Outdoor Grow Tent is a large grow tent for large-scale weed growers. This grow tent has a walk-in design to access the eight shelves, so you don't have to crawl. The simple design of this grow-tent allows easy access to the plants. The grow tent comes with a user manual on how to set it up.

This outdoor grow ten is made of a transparent PVC cover to allow easy penetration of light from the environment. The whole structure is supported by a sturdy steel frame making it firm. Anchors and a rope are add-ons to keep the grow tent firm even in extreme weather conditions. The design of the shelves in this grow tent is simple but hard to break.

The outgrow tent features a dark green color that gives it pomp and style. You can blend this color with your garden for a better experience. 

You can increase the tent's air supply by using the roll-up doors while still keeping the door sealed to prevent the entry of pests and insects.


  • Large size with a walk-in design to allow easy access and the plants to attain optimal height. 
  • Durable steel frame to support the whole structure
  • Transparent PVC cover to allow optimal penetration of light. 


  • Despite the presence of a user-manual, setting up this grow tent is tiresome. 

2. BBBuy 4-Tier Mini Outdoor Grow Tent

The BBBuy 4-tier is a walk-in grow tent designed for large-scale marijuana growers.

It measures 57″L x 57″W x 77″H and has eight shelves to support a large number of plants at different stages. You don't have to worry about the plants outgrowing the tent, given its massive height. The tent is supported by sturdy steel tubes with a thickness range of 0.3mm-0.4mm. The grow has a door with a zipper that you can use as ventilation.

Besides regulating the ventilation, the zipper also protects plants against insects and pests.

The fabric used to make this grow tent is made out of a green PE cloth, which blends well with most lawns. This fabric's color and material also act as a regulator for humidity and heat at different growth stages.  


  • A large walk-in structure with eight shelves and a broad base area to accommodate many plants
  • Steel frame to keep the structure intact and add strength 
  • A PE fabric with a transparent/translucent design to allow light penetration
  • Green color to blend with green lawns


  • There have been complaints about the zipper malfunctioning.

3. Porayhut Pop Up Outdoor Grow Tent

The pop-up outdoor grow tent is ideal for small-scale marijuana farming, thanks to its small size. It features several windows that facilitate ventilation at different times of the year. The simple structure in this grow tent makes it ideal for novice growers. 

The fabric used to make this outdoor grow tent is protected from UV. Besides, it is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about the young marijuana plants getting destroyed by a heavy downpour.

The grow tent measures 98″x49″x53″, or an approximate height of 4.5ft, which is ideal for young plants or Indica strains. If you intend to grow ornamental plants, this grow tent would be enough for their entire lifetime.

The fabric for this grow tent is made of Oxford 600D canvas. The canvas is highly durable and can withstand extreme conditions. Besides the canvas fabric, the tent also uses ropes and stakes to fix the tents to the ground and keep them strong. If you are a start-up grower, the Pop-up is the right pick for you.


  • Relatively small, making it ideal for small-scale growers
  • UV-resistant material to protect the plants
  • Oxford 600D canvas to increase its strength


  • The small size might be a disadvantage to novice growers who want to start large-scale growing

4. CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse Walk-in, Portable Mini Outdoor Grow Tent

The CO-Z outdoor grow tent is one of the most unique outdoor grow tents in the market today.

For instance, it has the shape of a quarter-circle that is appealing and outstanding. Second, its small size (78 x 39 x 85 inches) makes it the go-to point for small-scale growers. 

CO-Z has a height of seven feet and a width of 3.3 feet, enough to accommodate several plants. The frame for this grow tent is made from steel. Therefore, the steel is sturdy and can support massive weight and extreme conditions such as a storm. The grow tent also contains a rack with three floors. There are several connectors in the tent made out of plastic that keep the tent strong.  


  • An outstanding shape of the grow tent
  • Adequate space for small-scale marijuana growers
  • Stable and robust structure with numerous support systems 


  • Three racks are not adequate to accommodate adequate plants

5. Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Mini Cloche Outdoor Grow Tent

The Quictent waterproof outdoor grow tent is the face of simplicity and high-performance. It has a small size, which makes it ideal for small-scale or novice growers.

One of the unique features of this tent is that it has two compartments. Each compartment can accommodate an equal number of plants and is not fully separated.

The Quictent also has several windows that can be opened to increase air and light supply easily. You can also close the windows to prevent pests, insects, snow, or rain since it would destroy the plants.  

People have been using Quictent for some time due to various reasons. First, the design is simple and can be used to manage ground temperatures vital for the young plants. Second, the overall design and outlook are elegant, giving it an edge over other grow tents in the market. You can blend the grow tent with the surrounding environment for an outstanding look. Third, the grow tent has a strong and highly-responsive zipper that increases its durability. 


  • It has a simple design and is easy to setup
  • There are several openings to optimize ventilation
  • The frame is made out of strong steel poles that can withstand extreme conditions  


  • The small size is inconvenient to marijuana growers. 

6. Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel Tent

If you are looking for a large outdoor grow tent, Best Choice Products got you covered.

The Tunnel tent, one of the products from this brand, is a walk-in grow tent designed for the outdoor growing of marijuana. The grow tent measures 15″ x 7″ x 7″ feet, making it ideal for the large-scale growing of marijuana. 

This special greenhouse also features a plastic cover and a threaded, powder-coated steel pole.

The plastic cover protects the plants against pests, insects, rain, and snow. The manufacturer also includes ropes and stakes to protect the tent from collapsing in extreme weather conditions. Eight roll-up windows act as ventilation.


  • Durable plastic cover to protect the plants against extreme conditions
  • Spacious to support a high number of plants
  • Durable steel tubes, ropes, and stakes to hold the structure intact


  • The massive size might inconvenience small-scale weed growers.

Buyer's Guide for Outdoor Grow Tents

The following are things to consider when buying an outdoor grow tent:

Number of plants

Before choosing an outdoor grow tent, you should beware of the number of plants to grow for convenience. Buying a large grow tent to host a few plants is costly and might cause inconvenience. It is advisable to settle for a grow tent that can accommodate an adequate number of plants without straining.

Racks and levels

When choosing a grow tent, you should count the levels or racks in it. The more the racks and levels, the better. The standard unit of racks should be at least six. Additionally, the racks should be removable.

Strength of the zipper

If you settle for a grow tent with a zipper, you should ensure that it is strong and does not jam easily. 


There are two common designs of grow tents: walk-in and grounded. Walk-in grow tents are ideal for the Sativa strains or people intending to let the plants spend all their time there. On the other hand, grounded grow tents are suitable for Indica strains or young plants. Ensure you carry out your research on the strains of your plant or purpose for convenience.  


The durability of grow tents depends on the materials used, including the fabric and frames. The material used to make the grow tent should be non-toxic and able to withstand extreme conditions. 

Cost and warranty

If you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to settle for the one you can afford. Besides, the grow tent must have a warranty. It is advisable to check the terms of the warranty to avoid inconvenience. 

FAQs on Outdoor Grow Tents

Do outdoor grow tents protect plants against pests?

One of the main reasons for the use of outdoor grow tents is to prevent plants from pests. Several experiments carried out using the six grow tents have proved that they can prevent pests. However, these grow tents do not provide 100% protection, and in some cases, the pests might penetrate and cause damage. 

Which is the best place to source for outdoor grow tents?

Several outlets and online platforms are selling outdoor grow tents. However, before you settle for any seller, it is advisable to carry out prior research.


There is no outdoor grow tent with 100% precision. You should choose a grow tent that meets most of your requirements.

The list above contains some of the best outdoor grow tents in the market today. 

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