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By Lydia Kibet

The current rise in demand for indoor grows tents is attributed to their effectiveness in supporting plants throughout their cycle.

People use grow tents to protect their plants from bugs, reduce stale hair, increase power output in grow lights, and control growing conditions such as temperature and humidity.

As an enthusiast for indoor growing, you must have come across various designs of grow tents.

The outstanding design and features in two room grow tents make them a force to reckon with.

One of the unique features of two-room grow tents is the ability to support plants at different growth stages.

There are two main sections, one for growing young plants, another for plants in the maturity stage, which is not common in most grow tents.

The multipurpose design of this grow tent makes you save on the cost of buying extra grow tents.

This article reviews five of the best two room grow tents in the market that you can use for growing plants, especially cannabis. The review for each grow tent is comprehensive, unlike others that give half-baked information. The reviews also include pros and cons for each product, frequently asked questions, and factors to consider when choosing two-room to grow tents.  

The 5 Best Two Room Grow Tents for Indoor Growing

Here are top 5 two room grow tents for indoor growing:

  1. VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System
  2. GROWNEER [Upgraded] 48″x36″x72″ Lodge Propagation
  3. MAXSISUN Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Tent
  4. VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System
  5. VIPARSPECTRA Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

1. VIVOSUN Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

Common features

Multi-chamber: There are two-tier compartments for plants in propagation, vegetative, and flowering stages.

Compact size: The small size makes this grow tent is ideal for people with limited space.

VIVOSUN is an established brand for grow tents and other products for the marijuana community. When it comes to grow tents, VIVOSUN is the ultimate king, as evidenced in the 36" x24" x53" grow tent.

The design of this two-room grow tent reflects the high-quality standards the company puts in its products. As a grower, you can have this two-room grow tent for plants during both the early or bloom/growth stages instead of buying separate grow tents.

If you are a small-scale grower, this is the right grow tent for you. Its small size is ideal for people with limited space, unlike most grow tents in the market. The tent has a nursery section in the lower compartment has two compartments of different heights. These compartments accommodate plants at different stages of growth. 

You don't need to buy extra tents to support plants at different stages, a factor that sets this grow tent apart.

The fabric for this grow tent is made of Oxford 600D extra-thick canvas, making it durable. The inner layer is made from a Mylar, with a reflective capacity of 98%. The high reflective capacity ensures that any light that penetrates inside gets reflected in all plants. The tent is supported using easy-to-assemble metal poles that are also long-lasting. We cannot overlook other features in this grow tent, such as observation windows and removable floor trays that make growing easier.


  • Thick canvas with a highly-reflective Mylar cover to increase light penetration to the plants
  • Strong metallic poles that are easy to assemble 


There have been complaints about the zippers malfunctioning. 

2. GROWNEER [Upgraded] 48″x36″x72″ Lodge Propagation

Common features

One piece of 48"x36"x72" grow tent, 3 pieces of removable floor tray, 2 pieces of carbon filter belts, 3 pieces of removable floor tray, 1 piece of an instructional manual, and 1 piece of Velcro baffle.  

Propagation design: A larger growing space with 2-tier small compartments and a larger compartment. 

The Growneer brand has grown over the years and is now one of the best brands in the market. It has also developed two-room grow tents, including this tent. This grow tent has a major compartment and a smaller one.

The major compartment is used for mature plants, while the smaller section is used for seedlings or germination. Indoor growers revere this grow tent due to its large size. The tent's incredible height is ideal for growing marijuana plants since the maximum height is 6.5ft. You can also choose the 5x4x7 ft for convenience. 

The two-room grow tents are made using an Oxford 600D canvas material, which is among the strongest in the market.

According to indoor growing enthusiasts, the canvas is so strong that it can stay intact for a long time, even in extreme conditions, thanks to its double-stitch design. The inner part of this two-room grow tent is made out of a Mylar with a reflective capacity of 95%. With this high reflective capacity, you can be assured of enough light supply, even at limited levels.

Forget about the ordinary two compartments that every manufacturer seems to rush for when making two-room grow tents. Growneer has gone a notch higher to add viewing windows for the users. Instead of opening the zipper in the grow tent to check on your plants' progress, you only need to get closer and check through the viewing windows, and voila! How cool!

There is a second room, which doubles as the nursery section with two sections. Each section is further divided into two floors that allow plants at different early growth stages to prosper. There are many two-room grow tents in the market, but the two floors' design in this grow tent beats them all.

Many brands focus more on the reflective capacity and the canvas material but forget about the zippers.

Not Growneer.

The material and stitching of zippers in this product are carried with utmost precision to ensure that it is long-lasting. People who have used this grow tent have never raised complaints related to leaking, which is a common phenomenon among grow tents.

Each of the three levels in this grow tent (main room and two levels in the nursery section) contains a removable floor tray. The removable trays act as a precautionary measure against spillage, which is common in indoor growing. The durable steel poles support the tent.

The poles are made to withstand massive pressure, given that they can withstand up to 100 pounds of weight. If you are looking for a uniquely-designed two-room grow tent, check what Growneer has to offer. 


  • The poles are durable and can withstand 100 pounds of weight or more
  • The canvas is thick for durability and is double-stitched to prevent light leakage
  • Observation windows in all three levels
  • 95% reflective Mylar layer to keep all the plants supplied with enough light


  • In some cases, the zipper might malfunction

3. MAXSISUN Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Tent

The Maxsisun brand is fighting to establish itself in indoor growing, which is dominated by big brands.

Despite the low profile, the company has managed to manufacture one of the best two-room grow tents in the market today; the 5×4 grow tent.

The tent's large design makes it ideal for people who love to go big in all grow tents in the market. Everything about this grow tent is top-notch: From the design to the functionality and the materials.

Maxsisun has a mix of green and black colors, which give it a classy look. With a height of 6.6ft, this grow tent can support most marijuana strains.

The grow tent has two chambers; the main chamber measuring 4ft by 4ft and a nursery section divided into two compartments. The nursery chamber's unique design makes the grow tent ideal for growing plants at different stages in their lifecycle. On the other hand, the main chamber is used for plants in advanced stages of growth.

The fabric used in the tent is made from an Oxford 600D canvas. We are talking about a material that is tear-proof and water-proof with a 100% reflective capacity. You don't have to worry about your plants getting inadequate light since the high reflective capacity covers these for you. 

Instead of opening the zippers to check your plants' condition, you can use the observation windows. The observation windows are sophisticated to provide adequate ventilation and ducting, two vital conditions for indoor growing.

The tent uses zinc-plated rust-free poles for support. The metal poles can support up to 120 pounds of weight, which means the plants are safe here.


  • 100% reflective Mylar layer for an optimal supply of light
  • Strong enough to hold up to 120 pounds of weight
  • Spacious enough, with a base area of 4ft by 4ft


  • There have been complaints about the brackets, although the company replaces them almost immediately 

4. VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Mylar Reflective Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System 

This Vivosun product is designed for large scale growers. The 108″x48″x80″ two-room grow tent ensures that your plants get adequate space to attain their optimal size.

The grow tent has a primary chamber and a secondary nursery chamber. The primary chamber supports plants in their advanced stages of growth. To access different sections in the grow tent, you have to use multiple chains to avoid confusion. On the other hand, the secondary nursery chamber is divided into different sections for supporting plants at their germination or seedling stage.  

The fabric in this two-room grow tent is made from an Oxford 600D canvas. The canvas is double-stitched to increase light reflection capacity and durability. The inside part of the grow tent contains a Mylar layer with a reflective capacity of 98%.

Additionally, the tent is supported by strong metallic poles, which further increases its durability.


  • Highly durable and can withstand a relatively large weight
  • Big size to accommodate large-scale growers
  • High reflective capacity for adequate light supply


  • There have been cases of zippers malfunctioning from time to time 

5. VIPARSPECTRA Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The Viparspectra brand is known for making durable and affordable grow lights.

The company has diversified its services to include a 5ft x 4ft x 6.6ft two-room grow tent in the recent past.

This grow tent's design makes it ideal for growing marijuana and other plants that undergo almost similar growth stages. The grow tent has several observation windows that you can use to monitor your plants.

Additionally, there are several ventilation spaces to allow the free flow of air.

The fabric used to make this tent is an Oxford 600D with tear-proof and water-proof conditions. The inner layer has a Mylar layer with a high reflection capacity to ensure that plants get adequate light supply to the plants. 

The supporting poles in this grow tent are sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight. You can use the nylon belts in this grow tent to hang carbon filters. 


  • Strong and durable metal poles
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thick tent shell to prevent leakage of light
  • Adequate ventilation


  • There have been complaints about faulty zippers

Frequently Asked Questions about the best two-room grow tents

Which brands are the best for two-room grow tents?

The most renowned brands for two-room grow tents are Viparspectrsa, Growneer, and Maxsisun. However, these are not the only brands in the market today. Depending on your needs, you can get a two-room grow tent of your choice.

What factors should you consider when looking for two-room grow tents?

The following things play a crucial when it comes to two-room grow tents:

Durability: You should only settle for durable, grow tents. The grow tent should support carbon filters, clip-on-fans, and grow lights comfortably.

Canvas: The canvas should be thick (in most cases, Oxford 600D) to prevent leakage of light and double-stitched to prevent to increase its strength.

Size: The size of your grow tent depends on the number of plants to grow in it. The grow tent should be large enough to support all plants. Additionally, both chambers should support all the plants comfortably. If your indoor space is limited, you should go for a small grow tent. 

Reflectiveness: The inner Mylar layer should have a high reflection capacity. The reflection capacity of the Mylar layer should range between 95% and 100%. 

What are the benefits of growing plants in two-room grow tents?

Two-room grow tents allow plants to grow from germination to maturity in a single setup without disturbance or change of environment.


The review for the two-room grow tents above are comprehensive. When looking for a grow tent, you should settle for the one that fits most of your needs.

It is also advisable to buy the two-room grow tents from reputable brands for optimal benefits. 

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