December 17, 2019 2 min read

We are excited to announce the launch of Everything But The Plant, a premium marketplace to supply you with everything you need to build, manage, and grow your cannabis business.

Here you’ll find a large and ever-expanding selection of grow tents, grow lights, nutrients, cloning systems, hydroponics, packaging, and other supplies.  With Free US Shipping, a Best Price Guarantee and our Concierge Buying Service we are NOW here to provide what you need, when you need it so you can grow your business and service your customers. 

Why Everything But The Plant?

We’ve spoken with hundreds of cannabis entrepreneurs, suppliers and industry leaders to understand your business frustrations.  Today, we are actively solving  your biggest pain points head-on:

  • Sourcing is a massive pain 
  • Lack of price transparency throughout the market
  • Minimal industry-specific information, content, and reviews

With Everything But The Plant, you count on our team for your sourcing and procurement work, saving you a ton of time to spend on revenue-impacting efforts like managing and growing your business in an ever-changing and challenging market.


Who Is Everything But The Plant For?

Everything But The Plant is built for anyone in the business of hemp or THC.  Growers, extractors, retailers, professional businesses, home operations and everyone in-between will realize the value in simplifying sourcing and consolidating purchasing with Everything But The Plant. Essentially, you’ve got the best one-stop shop for everything cannabis-related you need (everything...BUT the plant, of course).

Thanks to Our Launch Sellers

We’re honored to be working with this stellar group of launch partners and brands for our launch!

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What to Do Next

Well if you're a buyer - start buying, knowing that we’ve got a best price guarantee.  We also have a Concierge Buying Service - if there’s something you want and we don’t have it listed, we can procure it for you.

If you're a supplier and would like to have your products sold through Everything But The Plant's marketplace get in touch with me - we'll do all the set-up work for you.

How can we help you better serve your customers? Let me know - reach out to me for any reason at or 814-422-5544.

A HUGE shout out and thanks to everyone on the EVERYTHING team that helped get us to this milestone.  I'm truly honored and fortunate everyday to be working with you.

Thank you, 

Gregg Greenberg, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

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